49cent-puck.com is a site dedicated to those who buy, curate and collect hockey pucks. While most pucks don’t cost $0.49 anymore, they did when we started thus the site name.

What do we do and sell?
• Custom hockey pucks
• Printed hockey pucks
• College hockey pucks
• USHL logoed hockey pucks
• CHL branded hockey pucks
• NHL branded hockey pucks
• KHL branded hockey pucks
• High school branded hockey pucks
• Police and fire department branded hockey pucks
• Corporate promotional hockey pucks
• Special event hockey pucks
• Wedding themed hockey pucks
• Bar and Bat Mitzvah pucks

Pucks and Sticks

What other products can we craft for you?
Custom hockey jerseys
• Custom hockey helmets
• Custom hockey stick designs
• Puck display cases
• Hockey stick display cases
• Hockey jersey display cases
• Bespoke hockey tape for your organization, team etc…

Events, you say?
We’ve got the ability to custom-craft an event for you and your group to meet your exact needs and budget. Wanna follow your favorite team on a road trip? We can make it happen. Wanna tour junior teams with your hockey-playing kids while seeing a few games? No problem. Wanna go to Russia and play hockey with Vladimir Putin in a pickup game – we can make it happen because we stole his “pee tape” and can use it to leverage him into lacing it up for you. We can do anything if you have enough money for the experience.

How much to custom pucks cost today?
• 1000 - $0.60 each (USD)
• 400 - $0.70 each
• 100 - $0.80 each
• 50 - $0.90 each

Rush orders are accepted but come with an additional fee.

Check out the following link for NHL DFS.